Water from Air - Mobile Units/ Disaster Management

CW-A1000 (Solar Powered)

1,000 Liters/ Day

This large capacity solar powered air water generator is especially suitable for disasters areas, flood locations and remote off-grid settlements, providing robust and renewable source for fresh, clean drinking water. The system ensures high-quality water generation regardless to the air quality, and a built-in water reservoir and treatment facility, continuously circulating the water, keeping it fresh over time.

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Generates clean, fresh and 99.99% pure water for a healthier life.

100% sustainable (does not utilize any available water resources)


Plug and Drink - It is as simple as that

No more risk of water contamination

Ideal for emergency response and remote off-grid settlements.

Operable on renewable energy (leaving zero carbon footprints)

Helps in reducing air pollution

Health benefits including improvement in eczema/dermatitis, diabetes, lowered blood pressure, headache, and acidity amongst others

Highest industry standards with 30+ separate certifications from South Korea, Australia, Canada and USA