Water from Air - Purifiers/ Dispensers

HF-9000 and HF-9000D

The Clean Wave HF-9000 floor standing purifier/ dispenser and HF-9000D desktop, are a compact, multi-stage water filtration purifiers that will fit right in to your home or office. Connect this unit to your atmospheric water generator as the source of water. This water purifier comes with an Advanced Water Filtration Technology that ensures a constant supply of the highest quality water without the inconvenience of bottle systems. It is easy to setup, just plug it in!


  • 5 filters and 14 different processes
  • 99.9% pure water
  • Produces hot and/or cold water or room temperature pure water
  • Quick change filter system
  • Reflux technology
  • Stainless steel food grade reservoirs providing superior chilling
  • Advanced leak detection system
  • Child safety lock on hot water
  • Silent water generation

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Clean Wave's 5 Filters and 14 Different Processes

1. Sediment

Removes dirt, soil particles and sand sediment. This starts the process of water purification and ensures the other filters are free of any particles that may affect filter performance.

2. Pre-Carbon

This activated charcoal filter removes chlorine, THMs (trihalomethanes, a byproduct of chlorine in water), bad taste, and odor, lead, copper, chlorine residuals, herbicides, pesticides and other VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

3. Ultra

With complete focus on bacteria removal than any other filtration system and is efficient when it comes to filtering as there is no waste of water! Removes minimal amounts of beneficial minerals even though it is running through 1-4 micron membrane filter pore size.

4. Post Carbon

This carbon block filter (extruded activated carbon) removes smell and bad taste. By this stage the water is now very clean.

5. Pi Water

Pi water technology has been around since early 1960s and while no clinical trials have been performed it has been widely associated with many anecdotal health benefit claims including dermatitis improvement, improvement in diabetes, lowered blood pressure, relief of headaches etc.

Originally developed in Japan, the Pi water filter activates purified water into healthy water by regulating natural mineral content and Ph level. If consumed regularly it helps in :

  • Reducing risk of sore throats and other infections.
  • Relieve constipation.
  • Treat fluid retention.
  • Reduce body waste.
  • Accelerate recovery.
  • Slow the signs of ageing.
  • Improves the body's physical state.

How It Works