Water from Air - Residential

AWG 5000

30 Liters / Day


70 Liters / Day

The AWG5,000 and AWG9,000 are perfect solution for your home. An atmospheric water generator that produces water from thin air. No need to buy water bottles or water dispenser refills for your home or office. Take control of your water. These sturdy units can generate 30 and 70 liters of water per day at world standard temperatures. This separate generator allows for greater flexibility (for comparison between split and Unitary system click here). Plug it in and draw clean, fresh and pure water from the air!

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Generates clean, fresh and 99.99% pure water for a healthier life.

100% sustainable (does not utilize any available water resources)


Plug and Drink - It is as simple as that

No more risk of water contamination

Ideal for house-holds and offices that relay on bottled water

Operable on renewable energy (leaving zero carbon footprints)

Helps in reducing air pollution

Health benefits including improvement in eczema/dermatitis, diabetes, lowered blood pressure, headache, and acidity amongst others

Highest industry standards with 30+ separate certifications from South Korea, Australia, Canada and USA