In our view these two notions go hand in hand flowing from the vision we set for Clean Wave Pakistan: to be a key player in solving the water crisis. Broadly speaking, we believe this goal can be achieved through technological advances that make clean, safe drinking water available to all who need it.

In short, the purer the water the better it is for you.

Chorine, fluoride, pesticides, lead, arsenic nitrite, selenium, cadmium, tri-chloromethane, carbon tetrachloride and other chemical elements and substances may be found in water and have negative effects on overall health. They may affect body’s cells regeneration and growth ability, may cause and favor cancer or impact children’s growth.

Kidney, liver, skin and nervous system are often listed as prime targets of water pollutants.

Chemical analysis shows that atmospheric water that is by far cleaner and purer than anything else you have ever tasted.

Here is the comparison of AWG with bottled water, RO and Desalination plants.





Our point of use filter systems provides a multistage system capable of filtering out most chemicals and bacteria down to one hundredth of one millionth of one meter (0.01 micron). This fine filtration system assures constant safe supply of pure, fresh hot and cold drinking water on demand.

Most other filtration systems consist of one or two filters only. Clean Wave has a 5 stage filter system that removes everything from sediment particles to small bacteria that other filter systems let through.

Your security is enhanced - once installed the Clean Wave units are virtually maintenance free; there are no bulk water bottles to store or replace. The diagram below compares the efficiency of the Clean Wave filters with other filter units.

Clean Wave water from air technology means you can have pure drinking water created, filtered and delivered on the spot in virtually most places in the world. The air is drawn through an electrostatic air filter, condensed and purified through Clean Wave 's 5 step purification system. The Clean Wave WATER from AIR purifiers create a benchmark in the production of healthy drinking water by copying natures own million year old filtration system- evaporation and condensation.

The unique Clean Wave Bio-Control (WATER from AIR) ensures that after the 5 stage filter process, all filtered chilled and hot water is kept stored pure, healthy and dean. It achieves this by regularly injecting ozone (3 parts oxygen) into the water. Clean Wave has recreated natures best natural disinfectant to ensure that while the water is stored, it is kept pure, clean and healthy. Pure Clean Wave drinking water can be dispensed hot or cold, as much as you need and when you want.